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    Cordyceps Coffee for Healthy mind and Body- 20 Sachet

    ৳ 2,150.00 ৳ 1,900.00

    Product details of Cordyceps Coffee for Healthy mind and Body- 20 Sachet

    • Cordyceps Benefits the whole body and cells in the body
    • Good for people over 40 for better cardiac health
    • Enhancing and strengthening of immune system
    • It increases the number of Natural Killer Cells for the body defense against viruses and bacteria
    • Works effectively in Leukemia stricken individuals
    • Improves sexual fucntion
    • Building muscles and improving physical performance
    • Providing anti aging and fatigue reducing effects
    • Improving respiratory function
    • Enhancing cellular oxygen uptake
    • Regulating blood pressure and strengthening the heart muscles
    • Protecting liver and kidneys
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    Lingzhi Black Coffee Sachet (20)

    ৳ 1,850.00 ৳ 1,650.00

    Product details of Lingzhi Black Coffee Sachet (20)

    • Freshly packed
    • Delicious in taste
    • Best quality
    • Lower Cholesterol
    • It reduces the level of glucose in the blood and restores the function of the pancreas.
    • Destroy cancer cells.
    • Ideal for diabetic people, overweight, with arthritis, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Etc!
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    Lingzhi Coffee 3 In 1

    ৳ 2,200.00 ৳ 2,063.00

    Product details of Lingzhi Coffee 3 In 1

    • Freshly packed
    • Delicious in taste
    • Best quality
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    Vita Cafe Coffee

    ৳ 2,300.00 ৳ 2,100.00

    The uniqueness of DXN Vita Cafe! An exclusive 6-in-1 coffee added with Ginseng, Tongkat Ali and Ganoderma extract. A refreshing drink with exquisite traditional flavour and delightful distinctive aroma. It is easy to prepare; enjoy it at home, work, anywhere and anytime you want a cup of hot gourmet coffee. It is exciting and versatile – you can enjoy it hot, ice-cold, ice-blended or chilled! Only selected high quality ingredients are used. It is free from additives and preservatives. A complete health drink that is suitable for daily consumption. DXN Vita Cafe is conveniently prepared in the form of premix coffee for easy consumption. All you need to do is add the instant powder of Vita Cafe into a cup of hot water to experience the rich aroma of Vita Cafe.

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    White Coffee Zhino With Ganoderma Extract 6 Sachets

    ৳ 1,360.00 ৳ 1,250.00

    Ganoderma cappuccinois one of the most delicious and healthy drinks I have ever tasted!Italian Cappuccino lovers, this one is for you!DXN’snew product can be quickly prepared by simply adding a sachet of DXNWhite Coffee Zhinointo a cup of hot water and stirring it. A light layer of creamer foam is on top of this wonderful healthy coffee drink andGanoderma medicinal mushroom extractmakes it a perfect choice for everyone with its thick, creamy, yet light taste.

    It Is Really Hard To Decide Which DXN Coffee Tastes Better Before tasting this Ganoderma cappuccino specialty, I thought I knew it all. I would’ve never thought that my favorite 3in1 healthy coffee (DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3in1) would ever be forced to second place, but this is almost the case when it comes to DXN White Coffee Zhino. Zhino is a nickname created by mixing together the wordsLingzhiandCappuccino. The Chinese word Lingzhi (or Reishi in the Japanese language), is the name ofGanoderma lucidummedicinal mushroom. It is known as the King of Herbs, a very prestigious name in itself, and we have not said a word of its numerous benefits and use in Ganotherapy.

    The best thing about drinking a cup of DXN White Coffee Zhino is having the dense and creamy yet light and airy taste and feeling in your mouth at the same time. The inviting aroma of this instant cappuccino indirectly evokes a feeling of joy after you drink it.
    Do not miss the opportunity to try it as you will discover a delicious taste that will bring to mind the original cappuccino from Italy.

    Vegetable cream (56%), Glucose Syrup, Fructose, Palm oil, Sodium caseinate (derived from milk), Phosphates: E340, E451, Emulsifier: E471, E472e, dyes, Natural beta-carotene, sugar (30%) instant coffee (12%), Ganoderma extract (2%).

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