Blood Circulatory Massager Machine(BCM)

৳ 58,000.00 ৳ 34,800.00

Product details of Blood Circulatory Massager Machine(BCM)

  • Acupressure(Reflexology)
  • Body’s blood circulation
  • Massage
  • Weight: 13 Kg
  • Made in China


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It is based on the finding from years of research centered around
·Body’s blood circulation
·Regulates the meridians, smoothens and blood, supplies oxygen, dispel toxins and prolongs life
·Accelerates blood circulation, facilities metabolism, and consequently obtains a good healthcare effect
·Strengthens visceral function and improves digestive and absorption functions
·Balances and regulates nerves and lymph
·Helps in activation of cells and improves immunity
·Enhances the balance of internal secretions by stimulating the massage points
·Regulating blood microcirculation can bring the effects of facial beautification and health caring
·15 minutes use of BCM is equivalent to two hours of walking
·The principle is in accordance with natural life
·Convenient to use at any place
·Comfortable to use in standing, sitting, lying and bending postures
·Adjustable speed
·Portable and easy to carry
·Reduces your visits to beautician
·Suitable for the entire family
·No side effects

Specifications of Blood Circulatory Massager Machine(BCM)


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