Detox ফুট প্যাচ

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Detox ফুট প্যাচ

Product details of Detox ফুট প্যাচ

  • Made of Natural bamboo Vinegar
  • Anion,
  • far Infrared enriched
  • Detoxification beauty
  • Promote metabolism
  • phytophthora sleep solutions
  • Made in china

According to Chinese traditional medical theory, soles has over 60 points, most of them are reflex areas and main venation junctions, simultaneously amount of the waste in the body gather there. Toxin congregating in the body for a long time will cumber blood circulation resulting in various sicknesses.

Foot patches, depending on the strong absorbability of its particular natural serum ,working in blood lymph circulation, absorbs all the waste which gather in the body of human being. Most often using Shu Zhi Bao purging patches can expel the toxin from the body effectively, improve blood circulation, adjust incretion, cleanse skin and thin the splash. Furthermore it can make waist, shoulder, knees and legs lenitive, and meliorate sleepless and forgettery.


Wood Vinegar Distillate 12%

Bamboo Vinegar Distillate 50%

Carapace 1%

Combined Plant Power Distillate 6%

Vitamine C 1%

Tourmaline (Contain Iron) 12%

Cornstarch 11%

Minus Ion 7%


and it’s helpful to borious soothe some symptoms such as, hands and feet feeling cold; body being exhausted; musds being painful after sports, intestinal and stomach feeling uncomfortable, and nervous migraine, paralysis on hands and feet ,rheumatism, and rheumatoid ache.

Main components:

Bamboo acid liquor, vert liquor, morus mushroom, acanthopanax bark, beech, oriental cherry, tourmaline, perlite, pure silicon


1. please use it before sleep, and remove it the next morning

2. put it at the bottom of your feet and other uncomfortable places of your body

3. After using it, you’d better use wet towel to clean those places.


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